2012 Dodge Charger4dr VIN 2C3CDXBG1CH177410 - Report Summary

Report ID 564469 Internal Report Identification Number
Alternative Motive Power N/A Identifies any alternative or secondary fuel source that powers the vehicle
Basic Colour The body colour of the vehicle
Model Year 2012 The year the vehicle was manufactured
Make Dodge The manufacturer of the vehicle
Model Charger4dr The model of vehicle as assigned by the manufacturer
Price US$ 11305 The current market price
Original State and Country OH The state and country where the vehicle (or kit) was registered
Vehicle Mileage 84959 mi The latest mileage value on odometer.
VIN 2C3CDXBG1CH177410 17 characters of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Error Code 0 0
Error Text 0 - VIN decoded clean. Check Digit (9th position) is correct
Make DODGE 476
Manufacturer Name FCA CANADA INC. 995
Model Charger 1895
Model Year 2012
Series LD
Trim SE
Vehicle Type PASSENGER CAR 2
Plant Company Name Brampton Assembly
Body Class Sedan/Saloon 13
Doors 4
Bed Type Not Applicable 0
Cab Type Not Applicable 0
Trailer Type Connection Not Applicable 0
Trailer Body Type Not Applicable 0
Steering Location Left-Hand Drive (LHD) 1
Drive Type RWD/Rear-Wheel Drive 4
Engine Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement (CC) 3600.0
Displacement (CI) 219.68547874103
Displacement (L) 3.6
Engine Power (kW) 211.0331
Fuel Type - Primary Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) 15
Engine Brake (hp) From 283
Other Engine Info Gas/Flex Fuel(50-St.)
Turbo No 2
Engine Manufacturer Chrysler
Seat Belt Type Manual 1
Other Restraint System Info Frontal airbag at outboard seating position
Other Restraint System Info Active Seat Belt at all Seating Position
Front Air Bag Locations 1st Row (Driver and Passenger) 3
Side Air Bag Locations All Rows 6
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Type Direct 1
NCSA Body Type 4-door sedan, hardtop 04
NCSA Make Dodge 07
NCSA Model Charger 024
Bus Floor Configuration Type Not Applicable 0
Bus Type Not Applicable 0
Custom Motorcycle Type Not Applicable 0
Motorcycle Suspension Type Not Applicable 0
Motorcycle Chassis Type Not Applicable 0

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